Shutting down

This will stop working. The Twitter API is no longer free (from 09/02/23) and as this brings in no revenue, I will not be able to support it.

In the meantime, if you have any questions reach out to me on

Post without spending time scrolling.

Send an email with your tweet to an email address and we'll post it to your Twitter.

Register your email.
No credit card required. Completely free.

How does it work?

Link your Twitter account

So we can post to your Twitter (we will only post what you want us to). Secondly, so we can access your Twitter account email address, so we know which email address to allow posting from (you will be able to change this).

Choose an email address

Only incoming email from your Twitter email address will be posted. If Bob sends an email from to your email, it won't be posted to your Twitter.

You're set!

Now whenever you want to post to Twitter, but don't want to go through the website, you can simply send an email and we'll post it to your Twitter.

Future Features

We're working hard to add more features such as allowing attachments (images and videos). We're also working on an option to send you a confirmation email to make sure your tweet will look how you want it to, before posting it.